Stu2 - W7IY

Overall Design Concepts

The design uses several PIC microcontrollers and a current latch to drive a 4 x 6 matrix of 24VDC relays. The relays connect 1 of any 6 receive antennas to any 1 of 4 radios. Each operating position has a wired remote with 6 push buttons and an LCD display. When the operator pushes a button, the remote sends an RS-232 signal to the master. The master switches the appropriate relay and sends a response to the remote. The response is displayed on the remote's LCD panel.



W4RM and crew strung up four 580' beverages pointed West, South West, Sout East and North east. They also put up a phased pair on 160/80 and 40 - both pointed to the North East. Coax was run to the station and terminates at the switch box.That's a lot of wire!

Block Diagram