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Here is a list of tools I find useful. They're listed here because I've spent hours and hours surfing the web, downloading files and trying out new programs. This is not intended to be a review of packages, because I don't have time to write it up. However, if I think about it, I'll add note about why I added the tool to the list. All this is Linux stuff, unless noted.


  • Sourceboost C compiler - free and easy to use
  • MBasic - commercial package, but programming in basic is the way to go for ease.
  • Qunata - web editor and program editor, nice package manager
  • Bluefish - simple editor, but I prefer Quanta


  • gEDA - schematic capture package, weird to uses at first, but worth it in the long run
  • PCB - creates PCB boards, with auto routing, only scratched the surface

Linux Operating Systems

  • Ubuntu - by far the easiest distro
  • Gentoo - Used to be the best distro, but my server is now outdated and it takes a week to recompile all the stuff!
  • VMWARE - Very, very cool
  • Backtrack - best security suite around
  • KnoppTV - used to be great until the free program listings stopped


  • Photoshop (W) - I find it easier to use than The Gimp
  • Adobe Reader - Works great on Linux
  • Visio (W) - It's simple and hard to beat. I tried various Linux drawing programs and they all seem 'weird' to use
  • Picture Windows (W) - Used it for astronomy image processing


  • Xemphem - nice package for Linux, but doesn't do satellites well
  • Halo Northen Sky (W) - I really like the way you navigate around the screen
  • Orbitron (W)- Nice for satellite predictions, he actually used one of my ideas
  • Nova (W)- probably the best
  • Satbuster(W) - for visual satellites, but doesn't match the satellite list in Heavens Above (Web)

Ham Radio

  • DXLAB (w) - get it!
  • N1MM (W) - Logging program, replaced our WriteLog implementations
  • WinCap Wizard (W) - based on IONCAP, extensive reporting capabilities, I've tried them all and this is the best
  • DX Atlas (W)- Nice propagation pictures, but limited functionality
  • Ham Radio Deluxe (w) - best remote control package


D4 (W) - time sync program OpenOffice - Linux office suite, very nice. IPSound (w) - streams audio in UDP over the net, use it with HRD.


  • Programming the PIC Micrcontroller wtih MBasic - EXCELLENT book, especially for EE's

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