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8910 Remote Control

Used the JP1 jack to program the All for One 8910 Universal Remote. Now, I can use the remote for the TV AND MYTHTV pvr. My Hauppauge remote is the black and sliver device. None of the JP1 files were right, so I used the Learn Key function of the 8910 to retrieve the codes for each key on the Hauppauge remote. Then, using RemoteMaster (java) program, I created an instruction set for the 8910 and assigned the set to the AUX key.

The JP1 cable was simple to make. I used a 1N914 diode because RS didn't have any schottky diodes. Just follow the schematics. (Simple cable)

So the procedure goes something like:

  • Use the learn key function on the 8910 to learn each key of the Hauppauge remote.
  • Use the IR program to download the codes stored in the 8910. The codes will be listed in the Learned tab.
  • Use RemoteMaster to specify the functions. I used one of the Hauppauge files as a starter.
  • I used device '30' (not 31) and the OBC codes.
  • Click on the output tab and press the copy button
  • Back in IR - add a new device, press Ctrl-V to paste the codes.
  • Assign the device to a key. (Under the general tab.)
  • I used the AUX key and VCR code 2000 for the Hauppauge code set.


JP1 Website - Go here for all the on-line details

Media:Hauppauge_PVR_Remote_(silver-black).zip - Remote Master file from this project, with a text file of codes for each key

Media:Pitcher-of-beer.gif - Just a pitcher of beer.

--Stu 14:34, 27 December 2006 (EST)