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My SGC-237 antenna tuner broke. I followed the troubleshooting guide and I'm not sure if it's the cheap parts or the CPU. None of the LEDs light.

The CPU is a 68HC11E9FN2 52 pin PLCC chip.Q1 is a surface mount 2N2222, mounted on the bottom of the board. I don't know the value/part number of D1. (It's a 1N914)

Measuring the collector of Q1 shows a 'low' of about 2.0 volts when power is applied. This seems high.So I think it's the transistor. The 'FWD' voltages goes down as the power increases. That doesn't seem right, either.

Ordered the CPU, transisitors and diodes. I'll post an update after I troubleshoot.(It wasn't the CPU.)

Propagation Links and Stuff


I try to read these links.

Adventure Wilderness Society - Combine the great outdoors with QRP ham radio

QRPAPCI - International QRP radio society. QRPARCI # 12060

QRP-L - A new QRP mailing list

FISTS - CW enthusists, FISTS # 13317