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It's possible to run N1MM and WSJT at the same time. The trick is to set the MicroHam configuration as follows:

  • Create a second PTT port in the Microkeyer, 2nd PTT - on COM 8, RTS
  • Set the RX Recording Source (Audio Matrix Tab) - None
  • Set Rig to SSB (Type SSB in the call sign field)
  • Rec Mixer - select "Line Input" (TS-2K) (Audio Matrix Tab)
  • Rec Mixer - slide Line In to about 90%, then adjust the Computer knob on the MK to get 0db on the volume bar under the SpecJT screen
  • Set the rig 600 - 2400 Hz filtering
  • Menu 50C, Main AF Volume on the TS2K, 9 - max

WSJT Setup - not obvious things

   PTT Port - 8
   Audio In - 0
   Audio Out - 0

"Line in" comes from the back of the rig on ACC2, but the xmit audio goes through the mic connector. So make sure all the TX equalizers are out of line, etc. If you follow the N1MM and MK setup instructions, the 2nd PTT controls PTT1 delayed, which means the sequencer should work fine.

Flex and WSJT

For the Flex, create a COM port pair using vspManager. I usually create three COM port pairs; one for CAT, one for Keyer and one for PTT. N1MM uses the CAT and Keyer pair. WSJT can use the PTT pair.

Create Line 1 and Line 2 in VAC 4.09. Set up Flex. I usually use Line 1 as an input to the Flex and Line 2 as the output. After starting WSJT, you will see the audio devices listed. Look for the Audio Device # with input channels for Line 2 (VAC) and choose this as the audio input to WSJT. Look for the Audio Device # with output channels for Line 1 (VAC) and choos this as the audio output from WSJT. Restart WSJT after you change the audio ports. When the console restarts, you'll see the requested devices.

   PTT Port - 10
   Audio In - 1
   Audio Out - 8

Note: W4AD and W7IY tried this during a June contest and it yielded only 2 Qs. Perhaps asking for skeds would have been a good idea.

Operating Notes

Meteor Scatter

  • Western most station goes first, which means we usually go 2nd.
  • A good CQ frequency for us is probably 144.120
  • 2 Meter MS Calling frequency is 144.140
  • 6 Meter MS Calling frequency is 50.260.
  • Use offset CQ for 6 - CQU8 or CQ 268, when an answer is heard, QSY TX to frequency.
  • Mode is FSK441 for both 2M and 6M.