N1MM Operating Tips

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N1MM Short Cuts

Change Operators:

  • Ctl-O - (that's an oh) set the operator. This lets each user record his/her own set of WAV files.

Record DVK WAV files:

  • Shft-Ctl-Fx - Start/Stop recording WAV file (This is a toogle.)

Pass a QSO to another station:

  • F10,F11,F12 - pass the last log entry to another station (This is a macro and must be programmed into the keys.)
  • OR click on the target station's 'Frequency' button in the Info window

Other Tips:

  • Check Enter Send Message - this lets you press the enter key and proceed through a QSO.
  • Alt-W - wipe the current entry
  • Edit an entry by double clicking on the QSO line in the log window
  • Delete an entry - right click on a QSO in the log file and choose delete QSO