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Using as a simple content manager and electronic notebook, so I don't have to use a HTML editor. Not all the functions are tested. The wiki software is from mediawiki. If you want to add material - that's cool - just e-mail me.

Amateur Radio

Repeater Project 2020

Here are the links to our project to instrument the Woodbridge Wireless repeater hut.

General Notes and Projects

  • HeadlessPI - set up headless pi in 2022
  • Wireshark - notes on wireshark
  • FD2020 NR4M vs W4IY - Compare NR4M to W4IY FD2020. Both stations had very similar configurations.
  • FD2020 Analysis - Analyze the skimmer spots from W4IY FD2020 operations.
  • gnuradio - setting up gnuradio
  • TimeServer - Building a time server using Raspberry PI
  • K3S - Notes about the K3S
  • SAMBA4 - Active Directory using Samba4, isc dhcp and bind
  • ESP8266 - notes about the ESP8266
  • PIC Chip Testing - Testing I2C with PIC Chip notes
  • Remote Control - Notes on using the Remote Rig remote control.
  • Contiki - Notes on 6lopan, motes and contiki
  • VirtualBox - notes about stuff in virtualbox
  • Manual Mount - manually mounting a crypto disk
  • Beverage Switch - New and improved! Vesion 2.0 of the Berage Antenna switch. Modernized to use Java and BeagleBone Black (BBB). (August 2014)
  • Power Switch - a simple PIC based switch to power transmitter based on two inputs from a CR10X data logger.
  • W7IY Antenna Switch - Version 2.0 of the W7IY Antenna switch used at W4RM contest station. Uses a beaglebone.
  • W7IY Antenna Switch Version 3.0 - Version 3.0 of the W7IY Antenna switch. Based on Version 3.0, but uses Java and JavaFX
  • Battery Stack Sensor - notes on building a voltage monitor for the repeater batteries
  • pskmail - Notes on pskmail, server and client
  • Visualizing Radio Contest Results - a way to look at operating patterns
  • Modeling an Array for K5OF - some notes on the model
  • Calibrate Sound Card - Use this procedure to calibrate your sound card using WWV
  • Geomagnetic - My office is located at the Fredericksburg USGS Geomagnetic Observatory.
  • Radio Interfaces - Analysis of the Microham Computer/Radio Interfacss. Which one is best suited for the VHF contest?
  • N1MM Voice Keyer - Setting up the N1MM Voice Keyer using the Ultimate Linking Interface (ULI)
  • Micro Keyer Notes - Notes on setting up the MicroHam MicroKeyer with N1MM and DXLAB (Home Ops)
  • Remote Control Radio - Control the ham radio over a network using Ham Radio Deluxe
  • Repeater - Repeater coverage, notes on investigating link between WWI and Manassas
  • HSMM - High Speed Multi Media, Hinternet
  • Ham Radio - QRP and Propagation Links.
  • APRS - Notes for APRS. APRS will be used during the upcoming VHF Contests. So we need to get educated.
  • Linking - Link disparate RF systems together using things like asterisk
  • Satellites - Notes about using the amateur radio satellites.
  • Skywarn - Amateur Radio and Weather
  • SDR - Notes about the using PowerSDR, Flex 5000A and Flex 1500 with N1MM Logging software
  • N1MM Networking - Talk to N1MM from external programs
  • Antennas - Antenna related references
  • Grounding - Exploring grounding measurements and implications
  • Skimmer - Combining DX clusters with SKIMMER
  • Stafford Schools - Predicted Results for 2010 Test
  • MARS - Navy Marine Corps Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS)
  • MARS Packet - Testing MARS packet
  • FAA Amps - Notes about modifying the FAA 6155 AMPs for the VHF contests
  • Web Based Remote Control Radio - Notes on building out a web based remote control for HF
  • Libre Writer Notes - Notes about using the incredibly frustrating Libre Writer.

W4IY Mountain Top Contest Station Configuration Guides

These pages contain notes about configuring the pieces of equipment, wiring diagrams, computer network drawings and everything else related to our W4IY VHF contests.


Various reports. Doesn't include all the time spent at other stations, like at W4RM, where I enjoy all the DX contests. I'm a member of PVRC and through W4RM's great record keeping, they awarded me with the PVRC 5 Million Points award.

  • ARRL SSCW 2006 - QRP Operation from home
  • Field Day 2007 - Notes on my 1B Battery, Field Day operation in Myrtle Beach, SC.
  • ARRL SSCW 2007 - QRP Low key operation from home. 199 Qs, 28,656 Points.
  • ARRL SSCW 2008 - QRP operation from WA0DYJ's station, placed 1st in VA! My first solo win. Used SDR-5000.
  • ARRL SSCW 2009 - QRP Operation from W4NF's station, first SO2R op and raw score of 100,100 points. 77 Multipliers and 650Q's. Division, State and #8 overall
  • ARRL SSCW 2010 - QRP Operation from W4NF's station. Division and State Winner
  • ARRL SSCW 2011 - QRP Operation from W4NF's station.
  • ARRL SS Phone 2011 - 100W operation from NI4VA.
  • MT Arecibo - EME QSO with KP4AO using simple UHF station
  • Headphones - Gathering info about replacement headphones
  • Contesting - Notes about contesting

Notes from the Contests

  • VHF June 2008 - Notes from June 2008, tried a lot during this contest! Extensive notes.
  • VHF June 2009 - Notes about things to do as a result of June 2009
  • VHF Sept 2019 - Notes about the VHF contest in 2019. Welcome digital modes!
  • VHF June 2022 - Notes about the 2022 June contest.


General Notes

Wireless Network Architecture Project

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