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I use the aruduino IDE for developing code for the ESP8266. When I upgraded, I got a message that said NodeMCU device was unknown. To fix the problem delete the old hardware subdirectory.

~/.arduino15/packages/esp8266/hardware/esp8266 $ rm -rf 2.1.0-rc2/

fityk - neat program to generate curve fitting. Load the data file (X,Y), zoom extents, Functions/Guess Peak, read y=a1*x + a0.

NodeMCU Pins

MOS Notes

// Bild Firmware - note --clean is required after mos upgrade
sudo mos build --arch esp8266 --local --verbose --clean

// Flash Firmware
mos flash --port /dev/ttyUSB4

// Bring up console in web browser
mos --port /dve/ttyUSB4

// Copy file from 8266 to local system. Do this when you change something in the web UI
mos --port /dev/ttyUSB4 get init.js > init.js

Java Notes