ARRL SS Phone 2011

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My goal was a clean sweep and I accomplished it... at least my raw score shows it. hi hi

I operated about 14 hours from NI4VA in Corbin, VA. This was designed to be a test of the station, with the hopes of meeting my goal. I tried using an amp borrowed from W4NF, but wasn't able to get it working. So I ran as 100W station.

Operated from 16:00 to 01:00 local and then back on the air at 08:30 - 12:30. When I went to bed, I was missing only KP4 and SB. It took me all morning to find those last two stations. The packet cluster helped with KP4, but I actually found SB on my own. (Of course, SB was posted on the PC while I was in the pile up, which made the last Q pretty hard.)

As a result of the test, I discovered some RF feedback on 15M, which I wasn't aware of before. The culprit is the foot switch and front panel mic cord on the Flex 5000A. I was able to eliminate the interference by moving the switch peddle back from the desk. I should be able to either shorten the line or add some chokes.