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DX Cluster Stats for CQWW CW 2004

Database stats near the end of the contest - numerical tables

Last 24 hours - All spots
Last 24 hours - USA Spots
Last 24 hours - Eastern Spots


Playing with the CQ zone distribution. That is, distribution of spots by zone, which gives you a way to figure out where to point the antenna. Need to distribute data over time and by band. Working on the graphs. Note the -s parameter in the URL of the link below. The time following the parameter is in epoch seconds, meaning by varying the parameter, you can vary the ending time of the table. This queries against my live database.

24 hour stats ending 1900Z 27 Nov

CQWW CW 2004 graphs by band

Note the end of the contest. The rate for the last hour rate was almost 1000/Hr, then it dropped to zero immediately after the contest.


USA Spots

Eastern Spots *

All modes All modes All modes
* Current Eastern States inlcude = "VA","GA","TN","KY","PA","MD","DE","FL","NC","SC"

The black line measures the difference between world spots and USA sourced spots, which may be used to determine if a band will open in the USA. On the back end of the curve, after the band dies in Europe, the number of total spots almost equals the number of USA spots.

Total, USA and EAST by band - ALL
Total, USA and EAST by band - CW
Total, USA and EAST by band - SSB